Trendscalping PROX© bars programming code now available for limited release on SierraChart on Dec. 9!

My name is Kyle Johnson and I have been trading futures since 2001 and working with bid/ask order flow analysis for over 7 years now. Over the last two years I have talked with many traders struggling in these current market conditions (equities prop shop and also futures traders as a principal at the Fulcrum Trader Group). During this time, I have been working on a whole new approach for the newer or developing trader.

Imagine the market as a huge ocean of different desires and agendas. There are sudden storms and treacherous waters. It’s a place where the “unexpected” happens more frequently than you might suppose. Now, would you rather go through a hurricane in a dinghy…or a 1500 ft. supertanker? Ideally neither one, but look, many people don’t enter trading with 50 million, they come in with 5,000 or less.

If you’re trading a smaller size account you must exchange the sailboat for a surfboard and truly commit to going with the wave to avoid getting swamped counter-trending the market. This seems like, and it is, common sense, however….

Many people learn to track order flow, get really good at calling the turns in a market, then get over-confident, add too much size, and promptly get hammered as the market throws them a curve ball or three, because in that moment, their minds blur certainty and probability. Never forget that we trade probabilities, not certainties.

Following the money, as they say, is a much more sensible style for those who have not yet achieved consistent profitability. After many years of trading my mindset is firmly, “follow trends, or FIGHT THEM!” or “follow trends, or get SWAMPED”, as the case may be.

$547 – One-time, Lifetime License

Here is a short overview of the PROX© bars.

My aim is to simplify and combine numerous regions of specific order flow/cumulative delta charting data into just the price candlesticks. I worked on this simplified concept for four key reasons reasons:

  • to reduce the visual confusion of having to constantly watch several regions of data on charts.
  • to simplify the trade entry decision point with the most useful information already combined within the price bar.
  • to make sure the critical data of order flow and order book activities are combined into the price action bars.
  • to see through one visual tool if movements of price are currently supported by the action from market and limit order activity.

Another observation I have had from recent trader feedback is the obvious problems they are having with counter-trend trading. Lots and lots of feedback on that one….LOL! Most traders try to start counter-trend trading way before they are ready for that type of approach, and their P&L reflects this right away. One main component of the new method I have developed is a primary focus on trend-following trade set ups.

One main component of the new method I have developed is a primary focus on trend-following trade set ups. Trend following for the trader trying to develop their capabilities is a more reasonable approach in my experienced opinion.

A key component to my new trend following system is a brand new style of price bars created which I call PROX© Bars. The PROX© Bar concept was built by starting with a price candlestick (Price). The second component included was a measured data input from filled limit orders (Resistance in the order book). Next, the very important market order flow was set at a measured data input and blended into the price bar logic (Order flow). The final input for the PROX© Bar logic is current price positioning data inputs (X-factor).

The combined inputs of price, limit order resistance, market order flow, and price positioning, create the various visual color coding for the PROX© Bars. Looking at just the PROX© Bars alone provides a simplified visual approach to trading. With PROX© Bars you will be able to see if all combined activity in the order book supports the current movement of price.

Now that you have a preview of my new trading approach, this is what I am offering to the limited group of those who take advantage of this opportunity.

Initially I wanted to deliver a broadcast service of multiple futures instruments and time frames for the beginning and advancing trader. There were some challenges that I faced and through great feedback from the pre-launch group we ultimately decided a broadcast service left the group wanting more options and choices.

Next I went through a developmental process with a programmer to secure the settings to mine and my co-developer Chris’s satisfaction and that became extremely problematic. So without any more delay, I have decided to do something really crazy and release the PROX© Bar’s programming code to the first 50 traders for each platform we program them for. This LIMITED RELEASE will be a short term offer for a one time fee with no continuing subscription.

This release will depend on the honor system and your own self-interest to succeed since we don’t need the code ending up on trading forums. The fewer people who have access the better. That being said I will be giving a uniquely identifiable code to each trader who is a part of the limited release. I don’t want to go through the hassles of making those who are part of the limited release sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Here’s what you get in the release:

  • You’ll get the Sierra Chart programming code to run the PROX© Bars on your own charts. You’ll be able to set up the PROX Bars for any instruments and time frames you choose. You can also modify and adjust the PROX© Bar programming code to test your own various settings and ideas. Just to be clear, at this time, the PROX© Bar release will only work in three platforms, Investor RT Pro/MarketDelta and Sierra Chart. I am looking to release the code for other platforms such as NinjaTrader as well but that’s at LEAST three or four months away.
  • An updated PROX© Bars concise trend following trading course that highlights three specific trade setups. Also, instructional setups for adding the PROX© Bars to your Investor RT Pro / MarketDelta charts and now Sierra Chart.
  • The PROX© Bar trend following specific trade plan.

This is it. If you’ve been trying to find a simplified approach to intraday scalping this is the opportunity! As one of only 100 traders that will have full access to the recently developed PROX© Bars, you’ll have what others want. You’ll have a serious edge over price only traders when you are combining price, order book resistance and order flow together in one visually simplified offering based on true supply and demand data.

Think about this. With such limited access You be the one to tell other traders,”I’m using PROX© bars, what are you using?”

The updated limited release offer is set at $547.00. This is a one time payment with no recurring monthly fee. Remember: the code and the course will be released Friday night or early Saturday morning . Click below to join this exclusive offer and secure one of the only 50 slots available in Sierra Chart.

$547 – One-time, Lifetime License

To your success,

Kyle Johnson

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